The Conference is also creating a platform for international discussions within special topics:

Current Business environment and Management solutions
Business Strategies, Social and Economic Behaviours in the Conditions of the Global Lockdown

Current Business Environment and Management Solutions

Understanding the strategic decision-making processes, organizational behavior and management solutions goes along with the insights into the cultural specifics of conducting businesses, company functioning, shaped with the international conditions of the market and business strategies.

Investigating and revealing the business practices in different countries requires competences in business management, psychology and cultural studies.

Comparing the business behaviours in different societal contexts can help to get familiarised with the tendencies of the companies functioning and, therefore, developing better strategies for the international business collaboration, research and experience exchange, diminishing the barriers in understanding cultural specifics and regional peculiarities.

The interdisciplinary approach to the business management reinforced with the achievements in applied psychology, social and cultural studies, economics, behavioural studies can shed the light upon current business processes and behaviours.

The overview of the case studies about current business practices will facilitate further development and shaping the business strategies in the countries where the research is done and bring the national markets closer to the international acceptance.

We would like to invite for the discussion the studies on the following topics:

‑ Focus on specific national and international organizational behavior; 
‑ Specifics of management solutions in different business contexts; 
‑ Technological solutions for conducting business nationally and internationally; 
‑ International marketing strategies and solutions; 
‑ Case studies on the national markets and management; 
‑ Entrepreneurial decision-making in the international context. 
‑ Management solutions affecting national and international markets. 
‑ Business models and management; 
‑ Cultural and psychological aspects of business behaviours and management; 
‑ Social and cultural identity in business management.

The Objective is to discuss current organizational behaviours and management solutions in order to create a platform for international dialogue, the exchange of innovative practices and internationalisation of the markets and the market research.

Business Strategies, Social and Economic Behaviours in the Conditions of the Global Lockdown

The discussions are going to be focused on the business strategies, social and economic behaviours in the conditions of the global lockdown. 

Starting from February 2020 the global community has been experiencing unprecedented situation of all the countries lockdown due to the pandemic of Covid-19. 

Due to the measurements restricting face-to-face communication, businesses, communities and nations have been experiencing significant problems in keeping on their life-styles and traditional work schedules and dynamics. Many of them have been looking for the scenarios to adjust to the changed conditions and transfer all personal and business communications online. Some businesses had to close down due to the unsustainability of their business models and relations under the conditions of the global lockdown.

The time of the global pandemic posed a challenge which had to be coped with at all levels of the human being’s functioning, starting with the family as the smallest societal unit and coming up to the international businesses and markets.  

The global lockdown caught the society unprepared for the drastic changes and revealed enormous problems in functioning of micro and macro communities, at the level of the personality, society, national and international businesses and politics.

The Objective is to develop a platform for exchanging and discussing practices and scenarios, experienced during the period of the global lockdown to prepare the international business communities for new possible challenges.

The studies on business management in crisis can be also helpful for the international communities to develop flexible models of business and social relations and behaviours.

Recommended Topics
• Business and Economic Strategies in the Global Lockdown; 
• Social, Economic and Political Processes; 
• Social Distancing and Personality; 
• Communicative Strategies and Behaviours; 
• Societal Processes and Behaviours; 
• Social Media: Roles and Functioning in the Conditions of Social Distancing; 
• Business Solutions in Crisis; 
• Technological Solutions for Businesses; 
• National and International Economics; 
• Transferring Business Online; 
• Functioning of the micro communities: family, organisation, formal and informal units.

The selected full papers are going to be considered to publishing in International Journal of Applied Behavioral Economics (IJABE), indexed in Web of Science