The primary aim of APBM is to enhance the participants’ competences in Business Management, equipped with the recent achievements in Social Psychology, Organisational Psychology and Human Behaviour Studies.

With this purpose the conference workshops are designed to provide practical skills of managing business situations and people’s behaviours.

Workshops Topics

  • Group Dynamics in Organisations
  • How to Deal with the Sabotage at Work
  • Conflict Management in Organisations
  • Self-Development : Enhancing Social Skills
  • Enhancing Skills in Strategic Leadership and Management
  • Top Problems of Business Nowadays and Ways for Their Solutions
  • How to Cope with the Problems in Business Partnership
  • Dealing with Diversity in Organisation

Workshop Specifications

During the workshop the participants are going to be exposed to theoretical applications concerning the problems of the workshop and participate in interactive games, simulations and group discussions.

Along with the theoretical introduction the participants will be encouraged to comment on the statements and share their our experiences and views.

Participants will join discussions, role-play and modelling, do problem-solving assignments with their further analysis and providing reflections.

All the activities are going to be accompanied with ample handout materials to facilitate the learning during the workshop session.

The materials received at the workshops can be reused by the participants to apply them in their own organisational settings.

The participants of the workshops will receive certificates about completing the program.

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