Dear Colleagues,

We would kindly invite you to join our discussions under the title:

Global Economy: Personality, Community, Business

Within the mainstream of the discussion we are inviting national and international case studies to share views and experiences:

  • Business and Economic Strategies in the Global Lockdown;
  • Social, Economic and Political Processes;
  • Social Distancing and Personality;
  • Communicative Strategies and Behaviours;
  • Societal Processes and Behaviours;
  • Social Media: Roles and Functioning in the Conditions of Social Distancing;
  • Business Solutions in Crisis;
  • Technological Solutions for Businesses;
  • National and International Economics;
  • Transferring Business Online;
  • Functioning of the micro communities: family, organisation, formal and informal units.

Current Tendencies in Social Communities, Businesses and Economies:

  • Focus on specific national and international organizational behavior; 
  • Specifics of management solutions in different business contexts; 
  • Technological solutions for conducting business nationally and internationally; 
  • International marketing strategies and solutions; 
  • Case studies on the national markets and management; 
  • Entrepreneurial decision-making in the international context. 
  • Management solutions affecting national and international markets. 
  • Business models and management; 
  • Cultural and psychological aspects of business behaviours and management; 
  • Social and cultural identity in business management.

The studies on other topics in psychology, social studies, economics and business management are welcome for submitting and including into the program of the conference.