To join the conference as oral presenters, workshop presenters or virtual participants the delegates must submit their abstracts up to 250 words.

The abstract should clearly state the aim of the study, methods applied to conduct the research, obtained results or the results expected to be obtained in the end of the study, the outcomes of the research and their value for solving current theoretical or practical problems and enhancing future developments in the field.

We are inviting you to discuss the following problems:

  • Intellectual, emotional and practical skills essential for 21st-century business;
  • Psychology in a business context;
  • Theoretical and methodological principles in psychology and business management;
  • Practical work integrated experience;
  • Business management, strategy and operations;
  • Imagination, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Information systems and the use of information technology to develop new business opportunities;
  • Economics, accounting, business finance and financial markets;
  • Business law and corporate governance;
  • Business ethics;
  • Social responsibility and sustainability;
  • Psychology, mental health and people in a social context;
  • Personality and developmental paradigms for understanding individual and group behaviours;
  • Psychological perspectives, theoretical models and applications for understanding cognition, emotions, motivation behaviour and intervention;
  • Collectivist psychological paradigm and relevant methods and techniques
  • Needs, concerns and aspirations of groups/teams;
  • Group processes in collaboration and work;
  • Developing collaborative and supportive partnerships;
  • Diversity and cross-cultural dynamics in the organisational context.


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